What Defines Luxury in Real Estate ?

Luxury real estate is the real estate market niche intended for those who are above, if not, the highest socio-economic group of consumers.

The size, price, facilities and location are the main factors that help distinguish a luxury real estate property from the usual real estate property.

The following are the wide range of advantages that these properties offer their residents which separates them from the normal residential properties;


A luxury property is made with high-quality, long-lasting building materials and finished with an elegant touch. In fact, the aesthetic of a luxury property is possibly the most important aspect in making it so, and the deciding feature for many when buying one.

Luxury Apartments


As well as being high-quality, it stands to reason that luxury properties are larger than normal buildings, big enough for each member of a family to have their own space. The communal areas, too, are on a grander scale, with spacious kitchens, living rooms and games rooms.

Exclusive features

These properties usually come with certain added extras not present in a traditional house, such as saunas, spas and swimming pools, cinemas, cellars or guesthouses.


Many luxury properties are to be found in the same neighbourhood, albeit with a sizeable distance between each one so as to maintain the privacy of the neighbours. They are often located in quiet suburbs, within gated communities that have 24-hour security, but still served by services such as hospitals, shopping centres and prestigious international schools.

These core advantages are what we at Berkly have carefully understudied in order to provide our clients with the best luxury can offer when it comes to high-end real estate living and investments.


Luxury Estate

And this is evident in one of our unblemished development of 8 units of 3 bedroom luxury apartments and 2 units of two bedroom luxury penthouses that have been finished to the highest standard with attention to detail and exclusive features of;

  • A state of the art residential swimming pool
  • Bar/Entertainment Hub which serves as a venue to entertain guests without invading the privacy of residents’ personal space
  • Modern & Spacious living spaces with European detailing
  • 24hrs Power
  • Premium cooling systems in each room
  • Fully Fitted Kitchen with ultra-modern appliances

Luxury Apartments

Luxury Apartments

All located in Asokoro in close proximity to the Presidential Villa and its high-end residential quarters.

Click here to find out how you can enjoy an elegant lifestyle in the most luxurious way there is.


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