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Berkly is a Real estate company with offices in UK, Dubai, Lagos and Abuja Nigeria.

We offer professional services and expert advice on both corporate and individual clients from a wealth of over 19 years in the real estate industry. In addition, we have an impressive portfolio of luxury, contemporary corporate and residential developments in highbrow areas. We are a go to agency for clients looking for prime investments with reliable Real estate companies

As a Real Estate company, Berkly also offers professional advice and assistance when it comes to selling properties, acquisitions, project management, as well as development consultancy to modern and forward-thinking clients. We are a team with years of experience in our various locations.

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If you are a client of Berkly Facilities Services Ltd or a service provider you can access Berkly Priority.

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We are a Real Estate firm consummate about properties with a work nature that is based on trust.

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Fuckup Nights (FUNights Lagos)

FUNights is a global movement and event series where professionals come to share stories of their failures along their path to success.

Each month, in the event in Lagos, three to four people stand in front of a room full of strangers to gives instances of their professional “Fuckup.”

At FUNights, you get to hear stories of how businesses crashed, partnership deals that went sour, products that were recalled for one reason or the other, and lots more. You don’t hear “inspire to aspire,” you get to listen to how professionals got through the hard-knock life to be who they are today.

With a Berkly Priority Membership, you get access to “..%” discount on the ticket.

We at Berkly are consumate about properties with a work nature that is based on trust.