Work With Us

Are you a real estate agent wanting to collaborate with us?

For more than 19 years we have been able to build a strong network of reliable real estate agents to give our clients the best possible deals.

There’s also a continuous growth in our wide network of developers. As a result, our ability to execute new projects ahead of the competition has also grown.

We form long-standing connections with real estate agents and also establish new business opportunities while maintaining a transparent client-centric approach.

Are you a Property Developer?

With the huge success we’ve had securing new investment opportunities across the market place, we at Berkly have experienced considerable growth and extended partnerships.

Thus, partners now extend beyond estate agents to include established developers who work with us to create top investment products that fit into the needs of investors.

Our collaboration with developers involve sales and management of properties, and also assisting with marketing, and at the same time, conduct due diligence to make sure investments are evaluated on their commercial potential.

Are you seeking a profitable real estate deal?

Are you in search of a real estate deal or property management firm?

The Berkly experience is client tailored to give you:

  • Reliable support: A dedicated staff to facilitate your enquiries to a competent staff for prompt resolution. Make your decisions swiftly.
  • Diverse Portfolio: We understand the quest for exclusive properties possessed by our clients and boast of a portfolio with the best of houses to satisfy your quest.
  • Expert advice: As a property consultancy firm with over 19 years of experience, the Real estate terrain is a familiar one and we provide those who trust us with high end returns on their investments
  • Connections: The Berkly experience simultaneously connects you to relevant stake holders in the Real estate investment sector e.g., fellow real estate companies, developer, landlords