The Added Advantage of Investing In Your Own Corner

If you are familiar with Real Estate then without a doubt you must have heard or come across the term ‘Corner Piece’ or ‘Corner Lot’

A corner piece or corner-lot is a piece of land located at the intersection of two roadways that has frontage on each roadway, having an interior angle of intersection of 135 degrees or less. Alternatively it could be defined as a piece of property that lies on the corner of two intersecting streets, causing frontage on two sides of the property.

In a simpler term, a corner piece in real estate is a land parcel bounded by two intersecting roadways.

This type of land allow easier access to the rear of the property, as well as the option for two separate entrances to the property. For this reason, they tend to draw a premium over standard pieces and have an increase in value because of their size advantage. They are usually bigger, even if by a small percentage, than standard pieces/lots.

Another added advantage is the flexibility of further construction should there be need, and this can be attractive for home owners who hope to expand their houses.

Depending on the type of neighbourhood a corner piece can be viewed as a positive because it may actually be quieter and more private.

Added Advantage of Investing In Your Own Corner

Corner lots are often bigger because they not only include a yard, but the large side yard of the adjacent street.

In a nutshell;

  • Corner pieces/lots are more private because they have one less neighbor immediately next door.
  • They are more valuable than standard pieces/lots
  • It can allow unusual landscaping such as installing a circular driveway.
  • It also allow easier access to the back yard.
  • This land allow you to have more on-street parking adjacent to your home.

Nothing more exemplifies these added advantages than our fenced and gated corner piece land off Lekki Epe Express Way. Primed with great road network access from the express whilst remaining in close proximity to the residential area of Elf Estate with notable landmarks such as Whitesands School.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, the land benefits from a 2,000 sqm government paved setback which serves as a fantastic vantage point. Click here for more information.

For inspection or further inquiries please call Ola 0908 456 8888 or Ruth 0818 456 9999.

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