Living and Working in Victoria Island

Victoria Island (VI) is a very opulent area of Lagos State located between Lagos Island and Lekki Peninsula. It is home to many domestic and international corporations/businesses and has a few residential areas including the Oniru Private Estate. Victoria Island was predominantly residential but became more commercialized as the years went by. The area offers an array of world-renowned exotic restaurants, hotels, franchise malls, bars/lounges and nightclubs; It is generally considered the entertainment hub of Lagos State.

Here are some major reasons why you should consider living and working in Victoria Island;

  • It is the Entertainment Hub of Lagos.
  • It is the Business Hub of Lagos.
  • It is a Highbrow Residential Area.
  • Fantastic Road Network.
  • Beautiful Sea Views.
  • It Houses Lagos Elite.

It is the Entertainment Hub Of Lagos:

Everyone knows Lagos is a vibrant city. Its Africa’s own version of Las Vegas, infamously called ‘Las Giddi’. In its true essence Lagos is a city that never sleeps. Victoria Island is houses some of major event centres in Africa; Landmark Centre, Civic Centre, Eko Hotel & Suites Auditorium, Eko Atlantic City which are all used for major concerts, celebrity shows and events. In addition, there are clubs, bars & Lounges including, Quilox, Cubana just to name a few.

It is the Business Hub of Lagos:

Victoria Island is also considered the business hub of the city as it is home to international companies/brands and headquarters to some of Nigeria’s financial/Oil & gas institutions.

It is a Highbrow Residential Area:

VI is home to some of the major residential estates in Lagos including Oniru Private Estate, Dideolu Estate, 1004 Apartment Estate just to name a few which provide safe and secure environments for a quiet and serene neighborhoods to live in.

Fantastic Road Network:

Due to its good road network, most businesses have their headquarters in this part of Lagos. Despite the population, is relatively peaceful, making it one of the places where expatriates love to live.

Beautiful Sea Views:

Victoria Island has a serene residential spectacle and also provides a considerable amount of beautiful sea views majorly the Atlantic Ocean and the Lagos Lagoon.

It Houses Lagos Elite:

Victoria Island Hub

Victoria Island is the abode of upper-class citizens – the celebrities, politicians and high net individuals. Another outstanding feature of Victoria Island is that it is the focal point for everything luxury and fun – from restaurants, hotels down to nightclubs where you tend to meet some of these individual.


We at Berkly are aware of these benefits which is why we have a quiet residential apartment within a secure private close at the heart of Victoria Island consisting of 10 Units of 4 bedroom Apartments and 2 Units of 4 bedroom maisonettes which all have a Butlers’/Maids’ Quarters.This property comes with a fitted kitchen & cupboards, elevator, a state-of-the-art swimming pool (attach taking a dive after a long drive blog link in bracket) and in terms of security and management there are preinstalled CCTV cameras, round the clock security personnel and a facility manager on site.



Alternatively, we have a 5 bedroom Fully Detached House with a Gate house also located in a serene neighbor right in the heart of Victoria Island.

5 Bedroom Fully Detached House

For further information contact Ola 0908 456 8888 and Ruth 0818 456 9999

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