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There is a common notion among Nigerians that once you have a land you’re a ‘big man’. But the more exposed we get, we begin to understand that there are different things that determine wealth in relation to Land.

When buying a Land you should take into consideration the potentials of the Land and it’s futuristic value. It’s not just about the Land but strongly it’s value and purpose to which it will be put.

Most people like to buy a Land that’s within an estate. To rule out the situation with “Omo oniles”. Buying a Land in an Estate that has existing facilities is a rare opportunity and we have just the one for you!

At Berkly, we understand that buyers are usually careful when looking for Land Agents. They want to safeguard their money against fraudulent people, and this makes their decision process longer.

We use this time to build trust and make sure they find us transparent and trustworthy because as you know, we are people of integrity.

Now, imagine buying a waterfront plot of Land?! How Amazing! The best part is that we have one for outright purchase at Twin Lakes Estate. This Estate is one of the best in Lekki.

It has facilities such as;

Lake Resort & Yatch Club
Shopping Mall (Walmart)
Cinema and Leisure Park
24 Hrs Electricity & Security
Swimming Pools
Sport Facilities
Central Sewage Treatment
Telecommunication Facilities

Don’t search further, this one is just perfect for you. We have 2 units of which you can buy the two or get a friend to buy the other.  Hmm, it would be like two friends making the best choices!

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