Important Steps and Tips To Consider Before Buying A House

Buying a house is arguably one of the most tedious processes that there is. It goes beyond seeing a property for sale and purchasing it instantly as opposed to  other goods or items, there are due diligences to be carried out by both the buyer and the seller. Some of these include; property inspections/viewings, title documentation verification, submission of KYC’s (Know Your Client/Customer) just to name a few.

All these are highly necessary, not only to ensure a transparent and safe acquisition of a property but to also curb scams and fraudulent activities one could be prone to in acquiring a property. There are various steps and important tips one should familiarize themselves with as a potential property buyer.


  1. Thorough Understanding of the Buying Process

As mentioned in the first couple of paragraphs, buying a house can be a highly difficult and tiring task, therefore you, as a potential buyer need to learn everything about purchasing a house in Nigeria. You need to be familiar with all the ins and outs of the documents involved in the process.


  1. Create a Checklist of Core Essentials

Before considering to buy a house, it’s advisable to have a compiled list of things you wish to have in your home. This list should entail what type of house you want, your preferred location, the facilities you want available in your house etc. Having a checklist would easily help you make decisions when deciding between different options.


  1. Have a Specified Budget

It’s highly important to consider your funds and financial status when buying a house in Lagos. You must always have a budget and make sure you stick to properties within your budget. This helps to narrow down the search listings and it saves time.


  1. Hire a Professional Real Estate Service Provider

Always make sure you engage a Real Estate professional to conduct a search and also get a comprehensive report and recommendations from them before you make any form of payment for your house. It’s important to hire professionals who understand that their job is not only to find you a property that meets your needs but also protect your interest through the buying process from negotiating stage to inspections/viewings until the closing of the deal.

Property hunting in Lagos can be extremely stressful and tedious. However, with the right expert services, buying a property/house can be a seamless and hassle-free process. We at Berkly pride ourselves in delivering real estate services in a professional manner in line with the industry standards. We have a vast range of residential properties in various locations on the island. Click here to for further inquiries


For inspection or further inquiries please call; Ola 0908 456 8888 and Ruth 0818 456 9999

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