Everyone Needs a Bit of Space… including your Property

Ever wondered what one the most crucial factors considered in Architectural Design is?


Well the answer is Space planning, space planning allows you to prevent areas of congestion and to avoid poor air ventilation. A well-considered and designed space plan will allow you to make the best use of your floor area.

Effective space planning ensures optimal use of floor area without wasted space often spent on circulation, unnecessary storage and other wasteful activities and spaces.



Space Planning is highly important in all forms real estate;  Residential, Industrial and Commercial/ Retail.



  • Space planning helps designers take advantage of factors such as directional orientation of the home, creation of functional work areas such as kitchens, bedrooms and laundry rooms.



  • Space planning helps with the installation of HVAC systems, allocation and placement of Plant and Machinery required in the factories with sufficient space for storage.


Commercial/ Retail:

  • Efficient placement of entryways, stairways, elevators, assembly/muster points are all products of space planning in a commercial/retail layouts.

We at Berkly are more than aware of the fact that the more use you can make of a given space, the more efficient your planning. That’s why we’re bringing to your attention a variety of retail rental spaces with premium finishes, proper spacing which is suitable for all types of commercial/retail layouts.

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