A Swimming Pool In Your Home

Taking a Dive After a Long Drive.

Living in Victoria Island has immense perks and advantages. Whether it’s the size of your apartment, next-door neighbors, security or the amenities, there’s more than enough options for you. One of the core facilities that shouldn’t be overlooked is a Swimming Pool. Life in Lagos can be chaotic and very stressful so it’s only right one considers taking a dive, after a very long drive right in the comfort in your home.

Swimming pool

Swimming is one of the best ways to beat the heat on a hot day. This is why many people find it beneficial to add an in-ground pool at home. It’s among the most ideal ways to cool down in the comfort of your own property, especially here in Nigeria where it is summer almost all year. Apart from providing a good leisure activity, having a swimming pool at home has other benefits too;

Increases Your Health and Happiness

Living in Lagos can be so chaotic and stressful and majority of the people are dealing with moderate to high stress. Stress relief after a long day is crucial for improving your home life. By taking a dip in the pool after a tiring day at the office, you can get exercise and stress relief at the same time. Swimming is a low-impact activity that can keep you healthy and boost your mood.

Gym Alternative

The swimming pool is a good alternative to workout equipment because swimming involves breathing exercises and movement of the whole body. It can increase your endurance, arm and leg strength, and lung capacity.


Social Amusement/Relaxation

In-ground swimming pools are ideal for those who simply want to do something for fun. They can enjoy it alone or with family and friends. These pools also prevent people from becoming couch potatoes at home. Instead of allowing kids to play video games all day, you might find a swimming session more beneficial. And having a pool will drastically improve your barbeques.

Swimming pool
A swimming pool isn’t simply a decoration at home. Its benefits to the physical, emotional, and social well‐being of the family can improve their relationship with each other. This is a highly important feature in a home which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Aerial view, 4 bedroom maisonette

If you’re looking to move into a home with a standard residential pool with unique lighting, specialty materials and modern features that have a powerful influence on adjacent outdoor living spaces, particularly when well illuminated by night lighting, then this Block of 4-Bedroom maisonette and flats has you covered.

Swimming pool, 4 bedroom maisonette

Kitchen, 4 bedroom maisonette
Apart from a premium swimming pool the Block of 4-Bedroom maisonette and flats also boasts of a 24 Hour Security system, Standby Generator, State-of-the-art Gym, Lift, A Spacious Car Park, Borehole Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment System, CCTV, Air-Conditioning System, Transformer, Smoke Detector, Fire Alarm, etc.

For further information contact Ola 0908 456 8888 and Ruth 0818 456 9999

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